November 29, 2017

 ASEAN recognizes that achieving the vision of e-ASEAN is only possible when ASEAN countries are aware of the role of ICT. Recognizing the very important role of ICT, in recent years, ASEAN has focused its joint e ortsin the widespread promo on of ICT by many ways. Asean COE list File 1
The e-ASEAN Framework Agreement signed by the ASEAN Heads of State and Government on 24 November 2000 at the Fourth ASEAN Informal Summit in Sin- gapore aims among others to promote coopera on to reduce the digital divide within individual ASEAN Member States and amongst ASEAN Member States. It also covers ini a ves to improve the provision and delivery of services by ASEAN governments using ICT.
The Ministerial Understanding on ASEAN Coopera on in Telecommunica ons and Informa on Technology signed by the Ministers gathered for the 1st ASEAN Telecommunica on Ministerial Mee ng on 13-14 July 2001 in Kuala Lumpur, cov- ers policy development and program implementa on to bridge the digital divide within ASEAN by enhancing access to and use of telecommunica ons and IT.
The Manila Declara on 2002 signed by the Ministers gathered for the 2nd ASE- AN Telecommunica on Ministerial Mee ng on 28 August 2002 in Manila, in- structs TELSOM to implement ICT projects to narrow the digital divide between developed and less developed ASEAN countries and to facilitate the transforma- on of ASEAN into a knowledge-based economy by improving the adop on and usage of ICT products and services through universally accessible ICT networks and compe ve and a ordable ICT products and services.
At the Tenth ASEAN Telecommunica ons and Informa on Technology Ministers Mee ng (TELMIN-10) held on 13 – 14 January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Ministers adopted the ASEAN ICT MASTER PLAN 2011 – 2015 (“AIM 2015”), which serves as a guide to promote and to enable ICT to become a major em- powering and transforma ve force in the ASEAN informa on society. In the Master plan, innova on is a founda on thrust that aims to develop a crea ve, innova ve and green ICT sector in all countries in ASEAN.
One of the e ec ve ways to promote ICT is through ICT Centers of Excellence
in ASEAN member countries. Although, there is no coopera on among ASEAN countries in the eld of establishment and connec on of ICT Centers of Excel- lence, ASEAN member countries are also trying to promote public awareness and cooperate with each other in promo ng ICT in many ac ons.